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Life Long Learning Strongly Encouraged Here

I have been helping folks find more freedom and joy through better movement for most of my life, really. But as my career for more than 15 years. My background includes many forms of Therapeutic Yoga, Neuromuscular and Structural Bodywork,  Neuroplasticity, & Somatic education.

I offer one to one lessons, group classes and workshops online and in person. I think of my practice as a community because we support each other through thick and thin. Boy oh boy has 2020/21 shown that.

How did we get here?

Even before Covid hit there was a flood in my studio and I was forced to move my classes online while repairs were made. Finally in March of 2020 I was ready to reopen. I guess we all know what happened to that plan.

So here we are online and thriving at Whole Life Movement. Through fate or coincidence we have adapted and found novel ways to stay engaged with each other and the world around us, safely.

Maybe what we have discovered is even better, definitely more convenient. Being together online has expanded my capacity to support folks in a way I won't giving up when things return to "normal". Who knew I now have clients in Ohio, Texas, Colorado and even New Hampshire and Arizona. Yay Zoom! Moving forward I'm claiming a new normal. I'm staying right here and I hope y'all will continue to join me and if you are new here the more the merrier!

Did a friend send you?

If a friend or family member sent you here because they have trouble explaining what my classes are all about...here is a little more detail than you probably need...

Just read what you like, holler if you have more questions 803-792-4386.


Whole Life Movement is the online community I have developed to teach Neuroplasticity. Put simply, I use movement as a way to speak to the nervous system. I work with active adults, mostly seniors, to support them in claiming higher levels of function so they are free to do what they like in daily life.

For some freedom means they want to keep playing tennis or golf, gardening, dancing, or playing an instrument. For others the functions they need help with are more about reclaiming or maintaining independence, like walking, climbing stairs, standing for more than a few minutes, getting dressed, getting in and out of the bath safely.

We all have activities that define us, bring joy and dignity to our lives, serve as a vehicle of connection to the community around us or that help us remain independent.

Here you can find the help you need to return from a setback, maintain vital function, or expand and claim the skills you need to live your most vital third act.

How can these classes help me claim vitality?

Our Neuroplasticity classes use the movement education modalities of Awareness Through Movement® developed by Moshe Feldenkrais (father of Neuroplasticity, judo master, engineer and physicist) and Movement Intelligence® developed by Ruthy Alon (pioneer in the field of Neuroplasticity and Somatic Education).

These classes are designed to be a gentle, contemplative, exploratory practice that expands the senses and deepens awareness of historical movement patterns. The process  retrains the brain to communicate with the body in a way that improves function without excessive effort or intervention. This organic learning process, over time, begins to transfer into daily life and the harvest is high level movement that has people saying "you look 10 years younger what are you doing". 

What is Neuroplasticity?

Neuroplasticity (or Somatic Education) is the ability of the brain to form and reorganize synaptic connections, especially in response to learning or experience or following injury.

My classes are based on the idea that we can learn at any age and improve our quality of life. Through engaging with movement while paying attention to ourselves we can begin to recognize movement patterns that no longer serve us. By seeking novelty, staying curious and even playful we discover the process of organic learning and adding options to our movement vocabulary.

Our focus is always on refinement not repetition. We use movement to expand our neurological function by using our senses to discern and differentiate with greater detail our historical movement patterns.

Put simply, in class we will create a movement buffet of options for your brain to choose from. Everyone has a different outcome because we occupy different bodies, with different brains, and certainly different life experiences. You take what you need from the buffet of choices, leave the rest.

This all functions to create more freedom to move through life with ease. More joy is made accessible by releasing the idea that good movement is grounded in accomplishment, achievement, or hard work. "Right and wrong", "No pain no gain"  have no place in body/brain organic learning. Only intention, awareness, and optimization through less effort can be our guides on that path.

Why Neuroplasticity?

I want to empower my clients with tools that show them a way out of pain and motor dysfunction, that let them take charge of themselves and their lives again, help them gain greater ease and find more independence.

Aren't you tired of being fixed and dismissed? Or worse being told "This is the best you can expect at your age" when what they are really saying is "this is all we can do". I've found a better choice y'all.

I chose Neuroplasticity because aging stereotypes are pervasive in our culture and they do not have to come true. What age do you believe you should stop learning? growing? evolving? creating?dancing? singing? There is no age where learning stops, right? If you think these are silly questions like I do, keep reading.

Here is what I know for sure...

Better Function=Better Balance=Better Life

Our community members understand growing older with grace is no accident. They are lifelong learners who seek a movement rich life. No matter their age. Does this sound like you? Come on then what are you waiting for?

Some start their journey here after a setback; they have restoring function on their mind. They stay when they begin to understand that preserving function is where aging with grace really begins. Eventually expanding function becomes not just possible but probable.

We all face setbacks occasionally.  I'm here to support your comeback!

Your Life ~ Your Independence ~ Your Creativity ~ Your Choice

Choose to be proactive with your health and wellness, claim the life of your dreams. Come join our community, take your first steps back to  freedom, ease, and (dare I say) 🤩 JOY. I'll be with you every step of the way.

Ready to subscribe?  Click start your journey below. If you would like to book one to one sessions or ask more questions let's talk...




"It's not always about fixing what's broken. Sometimes it's about starting over and creating something new."     

Iva Ursano


Love the way you move again...

Engage your senses. Learn a new form of self-care and enjoy the movement nature intended. This practice is contemplative and gentle. You'll be invited to recognize and release habitual patterns of overuse and rediscover your highest movement potential with ease.

Welcome to the best version of you!

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