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Life Long Learning Strongly Encouraged Here

Move with poise ~ Maintain function ~ Keep your vitality  Expand choices ~ Tap into creativity ~ Age with grace 

Can a movement practice really help with all those aspects of life? Actually, I know it can. I'm living proof! No matter your age Somatic Education can help improve, clarify, and expand your understanding of yourself.

My Story...

My wellness practice has been focused on active adults age 50 and wiser since 2009. My mission has always been to help clients age with grace, while maintaining function and vitality.

Through the years, I have used many modalities; Neuromuscular Massage, Structural Bodywork, and Therapeutic Yoga they were all great and helpful to my clients.But as the majority of my clients rounded the corner of 70 I found my interventions didn't have the staying power they used to. Why? My quest began anew...

But, it wasn't until I faced my own pain journey that I discovered nothing in my toolbox was helping relieve my pain consistently, nor long term. Everything I tried, required me to go somewhere, pay lots of money, have something done for me, or to me. To what end? A few days later I was right back in the same boat. My "fix it/fix me" mentality came into focus, something had to change. I was looking for a way I could help myself. Not wait for someone else's calendar to open up, to be squeezed in. I was seeking independence, autonomy freedom like I had, and never appreciated until it was gone.

Through a friend, I discovered Feldenkrais Method® Somatic Education and Neuroplasticity. After three years of pain, with one workshop and two one to one lessons my pain was gone, completely gone. I kept waiting for it to come back. It didn't! I had to know more, I had to understand how this had worked so profoundly to eradicate my pain and return my function. Turns out, what seemed like magic, was grounded in science ~ neuroscience.

This was my missing link to help my clients. Remaining true to my mission statement, I had to keep moving forward, certify to be a practitioner and share this work with my people. And here we are.

Awareness Through Movement® & Movement Intelligence® 

These classes, based on the life work of Moshe Feldenkrais and Ruthy Alon, are a foundational movement practice by design. You will learn to use your movement patterns to update  your brain's software. I can promise, you will get to know yourself better than ever before. Which leads to heightened body  awareness, improved sensing and better balance. I will help you create your own laboratory for learning.

How? What do we do in class?

Here's how we learn and grow together, each of us in a unique way. Come to class, use your senses to catalogue your individual experience, pay attention to how you move (not just that you move), gently without judgement you'll cultivate awareness, slow down, recognize habits (that no longer serve you), reduce effort (Less pain more gain), distribute effort across the whole of yourself, find new options, practice variety. Through this form of inquiry you discover how you do what you do and make space for new choices. It's just that simple.

Then what?

Here is what I have learned, the nervous system is self-organizing. This method works so well because it affords you feeding your brain more accurate sensory data. After class, you simply go on with your life. Your nervous system does the rest. Before you know it, you are doing things that used to be difficult with ease. Then, you start doing things that surprise you, without consequences. I hear all the time "I did, fill in the blank.  I was shocked I wasn't even sore the next day". Eventually, you find you can say yes, when, before your only option was no. Best of all you learn to take care of yourself in a whole new way. You have choice...options...freedom.

What do you need for class?

I bet you already own everything you need to attend class from the comfort of your home. Once you subscribe I'll send you a nice introductory video that explains everything in a little more detail...

  • Technology that can help you link to a zoom meeting
  • An open space on the floor big enough to do a snow angel, one or two blankets folded in half to use as a mat (think 4'x7' a yoga mat will not do, way too small and thin)
  • Props: a couple of bath towels, hand towels, a garden kneeling pad, and maybe a scarf (if you have trouble reaching your feet)
  • Occasionally we will work leaning against an open space of wall (it does not have to be large, but wide enough to support your whole back, pillars wont do) or sitting in a chair (it is very important that this chair has no wheels, no arms, is a good height for you, and has a flat firm seat, benches can also work)

Sound fun? Still wondering if my classes are right for you? Answer the questions below...

Are you tired of thinking about, correcting and fixing your posture, but it never lasts?

Would you like to experience better balance?

Would you like to be able to get on and off the floor with these?

Would you like to have more energy to do the things you love? Dance? Sports? Garden? Play with kids? Grandkids?

Would you like to have a toolbox to find a path out of tension, strain and pain, on your own? Become your own body worker?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, I think you are one of my people.

Look, aging with grace is no accident. But, it can happen with commitment, time, attention and intention. Become a member of our community, take your first steps to freedom, ease, and (dare I say) 🤩 JOY. I'll be with you every step of the way. We all have experienced setbacks, I'm here to support your comeback. Come join us!

Ready to subscribe?  Click start your journey below. If you would like to book one to one sessions or ask more questions let's talk...




"It's not always about fixing what's broken. Sometimes it's about starting over and creating something new."     

Iva Ursano


Love the way you move again...

Engage your senses. Learn a new form of self-care and enjoy the movement nature intended. This practice is contemplative and gentle. You'll be invited to recognize and release habitual patterns of overuse and rediscover your highest movement potential with ease.

Welcome to the best version of you!

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