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Life Long Learning Strongly Encouraged Here


I work with seniors, mostly in their seventies, and support them in claiming their best most vital third act.

Why? Because aging stereotypes are pervasive in our culture and they do not have to come true. What age do you believe you should stop learning? growing? evolving? creating?dancing? singing? What a ridiculous idea right?

How?  With Awareness Through Movement® and Movement Intelligence® lessons. A contemplative, gentle exploration, expanding sensing and growing our awareness we retrain our brain to communicate with our body in a way that improves function, that learning in time transfers to daily life.

Better Function=Better Balance=Better Life

Our community members understand growing older with grace is no accident. They are lifelong learners who seek a  movement rich life. No matter their age. Does this sound like you?

Great! Let's talk about where you are starting  and where you want to grow in your movement potential. Name one activity you used to love and maybe you haven't participated in for a long time? Why? Maybe there's a function in your daily life that would help you feel more independent. What is it?

I believe optimal health is a journey not a destination. No matter where you are on the path of life, improvement is possible.

Some start their journey here after a setback; they have restoring function on their mind. They stay when they begin to understand preserving function is where aging with grace really begins. Eventually expanding function becomes not just possible but probable.

We all face setbacks occasionally.  I'm here to support your comeback!

Your Life ~ Your Independence ~ Your Creativity ~ Your Choice

Choose to be proactive with your health and wellness, claim the life of your dreams. Come join our community, take your first steps back to  freedom, ease, and (dare I say) 🤩 JOY. I'll be with you every step of the way.



"It's not always about fixing what's broken. Sometimes it's about starting over and creating something new."     

Iva Ursano


Love the way you move again...

Engage your senses. Learn a new form of self-care and enjoy the movement nature intended. This practice is contemplative and gentle. You'll be invited to recognize and release habitual patterns of overuse and rediscover your highest movement potential with ease.

Welcome to the best version of you!

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