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Somatic Education - Let's get moving better, together!

Are you noticing changes in how you move?

Can't get on and off the floor with ease, anymore? Experiencing pain or tension in daily activities? Have you given up a sport or hobby you love because of injury, or fear of injury?

Well, my friend, these movement degradations do not happen over night. Rather, they happen over decades. What makes you special is that you have noticed small changes before they become big problems.

Would you like to interrupt this digression in your movement patterns, be proactive and find a sustainable solution?

Yes?! Then Somatic Education is for you.

This is a conscious movement practice where you learn to focus on the internal experience of your movement patterns instead of the external appearance or end result.

You will begin to recognize patterns that no longer serve you.This creates choices. You may interrupt them, add variety, explore options, and expand your skills, thus improving daily function and body awareness.

You learn how to be in charge of your learning environment, and listen to your body's inner wisdom.

I will be your guide as you rediscover function, restore joy, reclaim adventure and say yes to life with confidence.

I promise you will surprise yourself!

What is Somatic Education?

In this learning through movement method you and I will...

  • Witness movement patterns as they are, free of judgment and correction
  • Attend to gentle, slow intentional movement and the world of detail they provide
  • Add variety, and novelty to expand movement choices, thus reopening neurological pathways
  • Rebuild forgotten skills step by step and create new ones as well

Along the way your nervous system awakens to new possibilities, as your movement vocabulary expands. Function returns with ease and less effort. You may find that you...

  • Book the trip
  • Find your dancing/tennis/golf shoes again
  • Join the choir, sign up for that art class
  • Learn a new language/instrument

Whatever freedom means to you, with time, attention and intention you can discover the inner resources and support you need to say yes to your best life. I will be with you every step of the way.

The next part is simple...read my about page, call me, we can have a chat about your learning goals, see if we are a good fit, then let's get moving better together!

Ways To Work Together

One To One Lessons

Functional Integration®

  • Catered to your goals
  • Support between lessons
  • Personal video learning library 
  • Rediscover creative movement
  • Expand Resilience

Group Movement Classes

Awareness Through Movement®

  • Lessons taught in a variety of orientations floor, chair, walking, standing
  • Gentle movement practice based on developmental learning processes
  • Make peace with your nervous system while expanding your movement potential

Better Balance Course

Coming Summer of 2024!

Better Balance 101® was developed and tested over a year with more than  400 seniors. I am excited to share it in a format that is not limited to in person classes and can fit into anyone's busy schedule!

Community Subscription

Coming in 2025!

This will be a new and improved subscription that will be not only more affordable but also will function better to meet your movement learning needs.

Kind words from our people


Studying the Feldenkrais Method® of Somatic Education has greatly broadened my perspective of my body in terms of not only the muscles but more importantly the bones. The brilliance of the skeletal structure and how it works to help move our bodies in the most efficient manner is at the core of the learning. It has been very helpful to learn to visualize my body’s structure and movement, to become aware of habitual motions which are not the most beneficial and to incorporate other possibilities for better balance and functional movement.


Awareness Through Movement® has helped me be much more aware of how I walk: the surface I am on, how my footwear (or bare feet) interact with it, the way my ribs function to support and lead the rest of the body, and the relationship between the two sides of my body.


This work and these classes are amazing. I understand my pain so much better now and I have things I can do for myself. Tools in my movement toolbox, priceless.


I went on a trip and spontaneously three people I hadn't seen in a long time exclaimed "You look great! What are you doing?". I knew I felt better after joining Movement Intelligence® classes and several one to one lessons but I had no idea it showed. More please!


When you are an active senior of almost 80 years you hear a lot "you don't look your age". But more importantly since finding Awareness Through Movement® I don't feel my age, that is so much more important.

Whole Life Movement invites you to

become the artist of your life

Pick up your paintbrush (metaphor). Begin your movement transformation today. Still have questions? Check out my about page, get to know me a little, then give a call because I would love to meet you too.

Whole Life Movement invites you to

become the artist of your life


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