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Every month I will share little movement miracles that can help you stay sharp and doing the things that you love. Got neuroplasticity? Subscribe today!

Enjoy The Movement Nature Intended

Is your balance not what it used to be? Have you given up a sport or activity that you love? Do you find yourself saying no to invitations because you just don't have the energy? Or worse you are not certain you can stand that long...or walk that far?

Do you seek more sustainable solutions? We have them here.

Together, we will create a laboratory for learning, in your own home. You can rediscover function, restore joy, reclaim adventure and say yes again with confidence!

I promise you will surprise yourself.

Imagine The Possibilities...

Learn to optimize your unique physiology and update your movement potential. You might find that you...

  • Get on and off the floor with ease
  • Take the stairs, not the elevator
  • Take that trip you've been dreaming of
  • Finally sign up for those art classes
  • Join the choir and sing
  • Make music again and dance

Whatever freedom means to you, join us, discover the tools and support you need to say yes to your best life.

Let us begin.

Whole Life Movement Invites You

craft your skills nourish your senses Expand Your Potential

At Whole Life Movement You'll develop skills that transform how you move through the world, your day, your life. Here's How?

Awareness Through Movement® & Movement Intelligence® (Neuroplasticity) are foundational movement practices that utilize simple everyday movements to open new or reopen old neurological pathways. Over time you can  deepen sensory awareness, build higher motor function, improve balance and even increase athletic performance.

No matter where you are on your journey, there is room for improvement of your movement. Improve the quality of your movement and you will improve the quality of your life. Who doesn't want that?

Commit to yourself, discover optimal movement. Our community offers not just classes but support on your journey. We will be together every step of the way. 

Here's how


Live Zoom Classes3
Community (2)
Library of Replays

The benefits


Floor and Chair Classes Live Weekly

You can expect...

  • Professional Instruction
  • Community Support
  • Explore Movement Potential
  • Discover Resilience
  • Expand Creativity

Monthly Support Q&A

  • Supportive inclusive community forum
  • Discuss functional challenges and sustainable solutions
  • Brainstorm new ways to bring what you  learn in class off the mat and into your life
  • Find clarity about the principles of this practice

Library Of Replays

No matter your schedule demands, you can still join us, with our library of replays. At your convenience, pick your class and start learning.

Early Bird Access and Discounts on Workshops

You'll receive sneak peaks, early bird access and discounts on live and in person events (when we get to have those again).

Kind words from our people



Studying the Feldenkrais Method® of Somatic Education has greatly broadened my perspective of my body in terms of not only the muscles but more importantly the bones. The brilliance of the skeletal structure and how it works to help move our bodies in the most efficient manner is at the core of the learning. It has been very helpful to learn to visualize my body’s structure and movement, to become aware of habitual motions which are not the most beneficial and to incorporate other possibilities for better balance and functional movement.


Awareness Through Movement® has helped me be much more aware of how I walk: the surface I am on, how my footwear (or bare feet) interact with it, the way my ribs function to support and lead the rest of the body, and the relationship between the two sides of my body.


This work and these classes are amazing. I understand my pain so much better now and I have things I can do for myself. Tools in my movement toolbox, priceless.


I went on a trip and spontaneously three people I hadn't seen in a long time exclaimed "You look great! What are you doing?". I knew I felt better after joining Movement Intelligence® classes and several one to one lessons but I had no idea it showed. More please!


When you are an active senior of almost 80 years you hear a lot "you don't look your age". But more importantly since finding Awareness Through Movement® I don't feel my age, that is so much more important.

Whole Life Movement invites you to

become the artist of your life


Pick up your paintbrush (metaphor). Begin your movement transformation today. Whole Life Movement membership allows you to absorb all the classes from all of the series, at your own pace...at your convenience!

  • Floor and Chair classes offered

  • Snippet lessons (15 min or less) to support you when you are short on time

  • Unlimited access to live ATM® classes on Zoom 

  • Library of Replays for your convenience

  • Early access and early bird discounts to in-person workshops

  • Monthly Community support Q&A meetings

1 month FREE Trial + All of these benefits for only $45/Month!

Whole Life Movement invites you to

become the artist of your life


Like binging your new favorite series, or free refills on the seasonal sun tea at your favorite cafe, Whole Life Movement allows you to absorb all the classes from all the series, all at your fingertips!

  • Floor and chair class offered

  • Snippet lessons (15 min or less) added weekly to support you when you are short on time

  • Unlimited access to live ATM® classes on Zoom (min 4/month in each format)

  • Library of Replays for your convenience

  • Early access and early bird discounts on live and in-person workshops

  • 1 Live community support Q&A p/month

All of these benefits for only $45/month

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